Return to Flight Status

So what has been happening with flying?  A lot.  I applied for a copy of my pilots license and received that.  I earned my private pilots certificate (the actual name is not license) a long, long time ago but stopped flying around 1998.  With my new sUAS certificate it feels pretty neat to have both these in my wallet!

Next up, I have started to build out the business plan for my drone aerial photography business.  You can see the preliminary website at and start following what’s going on there.

I’ve also spent some time upgrading the FT-Explorer.  It is now flying with ailerons and a 3-axis flight stabilizer.  I’ll soon have the FPV camera installed, just in time for some flying in the spring.

I’ve added a second drone to my fleet, a DJI Phantom 3.  Why?  Well, they were on clearance and the business needs a second / backup drone in case the 4 is down for some reason.

So, that’s about it for now.  More work to do on the aircraft, the website, the promotional materials, etc.