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A year without Windows (almost) – The applications

In our connected world it seems that you can do almost everything you need on a computer with just a browser.  Well, that’s what Google thought when they created their ‘Chrome’ O.S. and hardware vendors followed with a series of ‘Chrome books’ which were basically diskless netbooks.

That works great in a world where no matter where you are there is a connection via WiFi.  In my work in Liberia, well that just doesn’t really work at all.  Whether it is sitting in the cramped economy seat on another 11 hour flight or at the apartment in Monrovia or even our office, there just isn’t always a connection.

Of course Microsoft made their fortune on not only the Windows OS but also on the MS Office suite (which has gone the way of Chrome with connection requirements) and the big three applications that come with MS Office are: Word, Excel, and Power Point (I’ll get to Outlook and Access in another posting).   These application are the defacto norm for business, education, governments, etc.  and so without their equivalent capability Linux is D.O.A.

In 2014 I loaded the Libre Office suite of tools on my little Ubuntu Ace V5.   At first I was a bit confused by the interface, I thought the suite was a clone of MS Office.  No, it was a branch of Open Office and so it inherited the interface.  I am not saying the interface is bad, it was just like the big leap I needed to take from MS Office, which pretty much used the same legacy interface from MS Office 2000, to Office 2013 and now 360.  It was different, not bad.Example of Calc User Interface

Example of Calc User Interface

Word = Writer

I do a lot of writing, a lot of technical writing and when I used Word I used a lot of the features for constructing a document all the way from outlining to footnotes.  I never used the forms feature but I still managed to create my Masters Thesis in MS Word.   When I was at my work at Saint-Gobain I lead a team and we did a lot of collaborative writing and so markups, change tracking and comments were a big deal.  In 2014, when I started using LibreOffice Writer, there were some challenges including an annoying habit of freezing the PC requiring a hard reboot.  Turns out that was mostly a Ubuntu problem in memory management.  Anyway, the good news is that since 2015 I can say there is nothing I have found lacking in the Writer program.  True, some of the Windows fonts don’t quite match  but that’s true even for the Office version on a Mac, if you are careful it all works out.   Writer uses the open document standard as its norm but just as happily read and write in the XML DOCX format Microsoft uses.  No one will know you are using a free software program!

So, unless you are using some esoteric hidden capability or Word, you can probably do all of your work in Writer and never miss a beat.

Excel = Calc

When I came to work at the Medical School one of the big jobs I had to do was create an accounting system to track expenses by our staff and partners in Liberia.  Another big to-do was creating a payroll system that would allow for complete accountability, be run by people on the ground, and handle the complexities of Liberian Tax Law.  My prior experience with Calc in 2014 left me wondering if it was up to the task of some very quirky and complex V-lookups, and other strange calculations.  By the time I was doing this I was over the user interface issues and so I jumped in with both hands on the keyboard and started.

I can honestly say that I was able to create everything needed within Calc (even some very nice picots for reporting) and also able to save them out in Excel’s native format for exchange with others without an issue.  I still kept everything on my workstation in open document format, mostly because I had been burned by an earlier version of Calc, but never had any issues with exchanging spreadsheets between Excel and Calc.   It just works.  There are a few times still when for some reason the cursor gets lost, that may be due to the dual screens I am using.  Closing the workbook and reopening seems to fix it.

OK – long enough posting – I’ll cover PowerPoint on another posting.