10mb Disk Drives!

How funny. I just received a memory card for my new Motorola X4 phone. The card is a 64gb high speed memory card. 64GB!

I don’t know why this morning it struck me that my first disk drive, a removable disk drive on a mainframe computer, way back in 1974, held a massive 10mb and we thought we could never fill that up!

I can hardly believe the journey I’ve been on. I was able to find a picture of the 2nd computer I ever worked on, an NCR Century 200. It was programmed via punch card. We had two disk drives on that machine, one held programs, the other data, a total of 20mb between the two disks. We ran the accounting for a multi-site foundry employing a couple of thousand employees on that machine. In the picture you can see the console for the machine, that square with all the switches. You did everything in Hex codes on that console from causing the the cards to be read to executing a program to applying live patches for a restart.

I got to be so good at coding in Hex that I could do it from memory. Funny how much things have changed even in my lifetime.