Hello, my name is Rick Rabe.  My wife would say I am a complex person.  It’s true. I’ve made my living in information technology from programming to running software companies.  Right now I work for the University of Massachusetts Medical School on a project for the people of Liberia, Africa.

When I am not at work I have a few other activities in my life such as playing the Great Highland Bagpipes with my band the Springfield Kilties.  . I am available for private performances at weddings, celebrations,memorials, and funeral.  If you are looking for a solo performance please drop me a line.  If you need a group then please visit my bands site.

You may also see a page about my return to flight status.  Years ago I was a Private Pilot.  Now, I am a commercial Drone Pilot with a FAA sUAS Certificate.  It’s been fun getting back in the air and soon I’ll be offering my flying services for hire as well.

Last, and certainly not least I am also an active member of my church, Hope United Methodist where I am studying to expand my involvement in my faith (more on that later).

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