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A time for cautious celebration

Good news arrived at the end of last week.  Liberia was declared Ebola free by the WHO (WHO – The Ebola Epidemic is over in Liberia) .   I am thinking about all those that made this possible, all the health care workers that risked their lives, some losing their lives to the disease.  All the Liberians who came forward to help, again putting themselves at risk.  To the churches for spreading the word throughout the country.

And now, we need to roll up our sleeves and repair the damages and rebuild the health care organizations throughout the country.  I am pleased to still be working with the University of Massachusetts Medical school on their continuing efforts there.  I’ll post new updates about the renewed efforts soon.


June 29th, Sunday – a day of rest?

Sunday has been a busy day, especially for Julie.  We started with going to the ST Nogbe United Methodist Church where Julie joined the service playing keyboard for the introit, hymns, and benediction.  That after a nearly sleepless night as we both worried about the too-short time left here.

Right now (and for the last several hours) Julie has been reworking her kidney lectures.   She has been adjusting the lectures for the local level of the first and second year students and also to get rid of any copyrighted materials.  It is a lot of work but she is closing in on the final lecture now.

I mostly took the day off.  I had asked some of my friends to help me with a few troubling linux commands and some network issues.  I studied what they sent and will be attempting to implement tomorrow.  The system is running fine but the second server is not fully up with Moodle and there’s no cross server backup yet.  I hope to finalize both tomorrow.  Other than that it has been more relaxing for me than Julie.  I even took the time to sit outside and practice bagpipes on my electronic chanter!

We only have 2 1/2 days left then the long flight home.  It has been a roller coaster of emotions of late.  Today, church was a definite high point for both of us.  Their congregation gives so much yet has so little.

I have a few pictures from today’s service….

Julie at keyboard with some of our new choir friends

Julie at keyboard with some of our new choir friends


Outside the church with choir and assistant director Sam

Outside the church with choir and assistant director Sam and director Sawie

Julie, me and some of the choir

Julie, me and some of the choir