June 26th, Monrovia

Our colleague Dr. Jeff Bailey headed home early this morning.  I am going to miss him as he is way better than I am at Linux plus he is an avid football (soccer) fan and watching the world cup will having a few ‘Club’ beers has been a hoot!  Safe travels Jeff.


Yesterday we had a guest at the medical school computer lab, Dr. Emmet Dennis, the president of the University of Liberia and his vice president for academic affairs.  I showed them the system including an online demonstration of the Moodle system.  We were lucky he came by late enough because earlier in the day the little generator failed.

Today I am plowing through another Moodle install on the new server, this is the one Dr. Bailey configured with raid drives.  I am hoping to finish the install, back up our existing Moodle to it and test to make sure our backups are working.  Meanwhile I am continuing to setup the learning site.  I was supposed to train the faculty today but the generator failed again.  Maybe tomorrow.

My final work here will be to put in remote access.  This is critical so that Jeff and I can figure any final parts remote and so UMass Medical can provide support.  I don’t know how I will fit it all in.

More pictures coming tomorrow….