The system installation is going well.  Anne and Julie have been teaching classes.  Jim has been continuing to organize the medical library and Jeff was able to install Linux on the second server with the RAID disks.   Yesterday I was able to link the administration building back to the academic building using the long distance WiFi.

Even with all that effort there is still a large problem at the school.   Most of the time the school is either completely without electricity or running on a too-small generator.   Power, consistent power has been a problem in Liberia since the war.   All of the public utility electricity comes from generators and all the fuel for those generators is imported.   Next year or so a new/rebuilt hydroelectric dam will come online which will generator more electricity than they currently do with generators.  It will be a big change but for now, the school for the most part runs in the dark.

Eight months ago the schools big generator failed, partially due to lack of maintenance combined with the corrosive effects of the salt air from the ocean (about 200 yards away).  Compounding this, the local electric company will not complete installing a new, larger circuit until the school puts in a better grounding circuit.  I’ve have become the electrical engineer for the school and have been working with administration to get the grounding completed, the electrical connection to the grid upgraded and now working with our manager and USAID to try to find the money to fix the generator.   All in a days work here….

Here’s some pictures of the generator and electrical room…