Travel to Liberia

June 11th, 2014
We left Worcester by shuttle to Boston’s Logan airport at 3:15pm, June 10th.  It is now 3:45pm, June 11th, UTC which is currently 4 hours ahead of EST.  That makes it 11:45am back in Massachusetts.  We have left Accra, Ghana and are enroute to Monrovia, Liberia, our final leg.   Just as an aside, it occurred to me that I have now been to almost every continent (not Antarctica), that’s weird.

We are going to be met by someone from the University of Liberia to help usher us through the customs and then Poko, our driver, will take us to the Bella Casa Hotel.  We were pretty lucky on the flight from JFK.  The couple next to us moved away from their seats leaving three seats in the middle for Julie to stretch out and sleep and two next to the window for me.   It has been so rare in all my travels to get this and it almost felt like an upgrade!

Before we left UMass Medical school we had a chance meeting with Katherine (head of the program) as we waited for an elevator.  She’s been trying to tie up all the loose ends around this overall project and has been struggling with poor telephone connections and other issues.  Julie and I are hopeful we can help to fix some of the issues after we settle in.  I’ll try to post this from the hotel.  Success, we are in our hotel!

Oh, for our friends Steve and Meg, the Delta safety video included this placard….


So, sorry Meg, you cannot fly the goats on Delta anymore. 🙂