University of Liberia, A.M. Dogliotti College of Medicine in Liberia, Africa


Julie and I are headed to Liberia as part of a project being run by the Global Health Initiative of the University of Massachusetts Medical School.  The project is under the direction of Dr. Katherine Ruiz DE Luzuriaga, MD.


What we are going to try to do.

Julie, who is a professor at the Medical School will be teaching Physiology while at the school while I am working to bring up a computer network, connect three buildings to the network, install the Moodle Learning Management System (LMS, which Julie has pre-loaded with course material) and deploy about 80 workstations.  Our goal is to test a closed LMS and see if it can be used to improve the educational program at the medical school.

Internet connection at the school is very limited (think of one 3G connection for the whole campus) so our intention is to set up a self-contained network and LMS that can use that limited connection to add new course material from remote locations (like UMass Medical).

It’s a lot to accomplish in just three weeks, especially when you add the problem of intermittent power and no air conditioning for the servers but we will do our best because it is so important to the people of Liberia.